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Puffins Take Flight by RA Anderson

Puffins Take Flight and Puffins off the Beaten Path are the first two books in Anderson’s Puffin Explorers Series. Watch for future escapades with Árni and Birta in the upcoming Puffins Encounter Fire & Ice.

Puffins Take Flight is the delightfully first installment in RA Anderson’s Puffin Explorers Series. Aimed at young readers, this series weaves fun facts and breathtaking photography into enjoyable tales of a playful puffin named Árni. Never stop exploring

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AQUA Carpatica Kids Water

AQUA Carpatica Kids a water designed with a spill-proof sippy cap, that is naturally nitrate free (i.e. free of harmful chemicals, oxidants and mess). Ideal for young children, expectant mothers and mixing with formula for newborns, AQUA Carpatica Kids water requires no boiling.

Carpathian Mountains in Europe is the source and filtered at the source from millions of years of volcanic activity,is filled with natural electrolytes, magnesium acidity, stimulates digestion and metabolism. It is also naturally low in sodium and mineral content, resulting in water at its purest form for children’s everyday hydration. AQUA Carpatica Kids is filled with natural electrolytes, magnesium acidity, stimulates digestion and metabolism.

Consuming a naturally sparkling mineral water with natural bicarbonates neutralizes excessive gastric acidity, stimulates digestion and metabolism, and delivers natural electrolytes to the human body.

Here’s to your health with AQUA Carpatica Kids a natural sparking mineral water.


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Guacamole Recipe

Happiness is Guacamole and here is a simple and quick recipe to enjoy this Cinco de Mayo!!

1 Ripe Avocado
1 diced plum tomato with juice
1/4 C diced onion
1 Garlic clove diced or minced
Cilantro or Parsley
Salt/Pepper to taste
1 lime or lemon Juiced

todays forecast Guacamole with a chance of Tequila – Enjoy

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Hello Angel Fun & Fantastic Animals Adult Coloring Collection

Explore all the possibilities of coloring in the Hello Angel Fun & Fantastic Coloring Collection. Let your imagination bloom as you discover pages of beautifully intricate designs just waiting to be colored into life. 

Angelea Van Dam aka ‘Hello Angel’ is the talented artist behind 13 bestselling coloring books from Fox Chapel Publishing, including Hello Angel Mindfulness Coloring Collection, Hello Angel Majestic Animals Coloring Collection, and Hello Angel Big Blossoms Coloring Collection. Angelea is renowned for her intricate, hand-drawn, intriguing illustrations. Her boldly colored masterpieces are packed full of flowers, animals, patterns, doodles, and layers of details.

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A Simple Glass Fixture #Plant #Candle #Pot #Glow #Gift

Recently my glass shades began falling off from the bathroom overhead fixture. Crash! The glass shade would plummet down. This was a big problem. I had to remove all the remain glass shades and was about to discard them. When I realized, these little glass shades have some use.

Like a giving My African Violet, a gift for Easter, a new look…

Perfect!. Then I spotted some old candles …

Now the candle are glowing inside the glass shade.

Side by side the candles burn…

I have more glass shades, packed away, now they can be used for something other a bulb cover.