Family, Time of the Season

Hello 2020

We entered into 2020 playing Virtual Reality game screaming and laughing. Hello 2020!!

With our darling Miss Scarlett who everyone wanted to hold and kiss especially the girls. They had their own living doll.

Spending the day with people you love is priceless. You can get back money but you can never get back precious time.

Lord we thank you for the food before us, the friends and family beside us and the love between us.

And now we welcome the new year bringing things that have never been.

A New Year: renewed hope, new opportunities, new adventures and new ways to share love.

Don’t forget that you are what you eat so we always eat something sweet!!!

Love Health Peace and Joy…..Happy New Year!! Merci & Liz

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The Instant Pot Diabetes Cookbook by Nancy S. Hughes

 The Instant Pot Diabetes Cookbook, the newest collection of recipes from bestselling author, recipe developer, and food consultant Nancy S. Hughes and the American Diabetes Association. Lets all start cooking and eating intelligently in the New Year!!

The book features easy and lightning-fast recipes optimized for the Instant Pot, the modern-day answer to the pressure cooker. It includes dishes for every meal of the day, and they each follow the dietary standards of the ADA so they’re good for the whole family.

A celebrated cookbook author and recipe developer, Nancy has created more than 18,000 recipes throughout the years and is a nationally recognized authority on food and diabetes.

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Beyond PIGGY BANKS And LEOMONADE STANDS: How To Teach Young Kids About Finance (and They’re Never Too Young) by Liz Frazier

Beyond Piggy Banks and Lemonade Stands: How to Teach Young Kids About Finance (and They’re Never too Young),by Liz Frazier will focus on the very basic fundamentals of money, and help children understand how they can make smart financial decisions as they grown. This book is a usable, light hearted, real-world guide for parents and children to apply specific tools and lessons needed to teach their child.

The chapters are broken out into simple and digestible sections:

Chapter 1: Why Teach Finance to Elementary Aged Children?


Chapter 13: Learning about Advertising, Debt & Taxes

A how to book that will make teaching finance to kids painless. Provides lessons that are easy to teach and understand. The activities in book are quick, enjoyable and educational. Each concept starts with the basics, and builds upon them so your child has a full understanding of the topic. Most of all, the book focuses on how to incorporate teaching finance to your child through everyday real-world activities.

Author: Liz Frazier, is a Certified Financial Planner specializing in financial planning for families, Frazier designed her book as a blueprint for parents to follow when teaching their children about the ins and outs of finance at any age. The steps, activities, and guidelines provided are meant to make finance fun and simple for kids, and teaching stress-free for parents. Frazier breaks down these young age groups into different levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), as she believes that no child is too young to profit on learning financial literacy.

“It’s important to get your kids started on the right track as they are learning money.” says Frazier. You want their early experiences with money to be positive because these will shape their values as they get older.”

Beyond Piggy Banks and Lemonade is the book that will give parents the tools to raise a healthy, independent and responsible child. Don’t just tell them…Involve them!

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Adventures Of Dally & Spanky #DVD #Digital

Love is a four legged word. Adventures Of Dally & Spanky is a true story about animals who created a friendship that amazed and Inspired millions. It’s a story of a Jack Russell Terrier (Dally) and a rescued miniature horse (Spanky) who form a a bond. Addy and Ella are half sisters, when 17 year old Addy loses her father, she retreats from her family and struggles to deal with the loss. Ella, with her dog Dally reaches out to create a bond with Addy and Spanky, the miniature horse she has just inherited from her father. Dally and Spanky begin to get along, and quickly become a dynamic duo thanks to Addy and Ella’s training.

Adventures of Dally & Spanky stars Brenna D’Amico (TV’s “Descendants”) and Denise Richards (Starship Troopers) with Trace Adkins (Country music superstar). It is based on the true Animal friendship that amazed and inspired millions.

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