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In The Garden: An Illustrated Guide to the Plants of the Bible

In The Garden: An Illustrated Guide to the Plants of The Bible you will see beautiful original illustrations by Becky Speer and engaging description of 50 plants found in Israel and its Mediterranean neighbors, In the Garden provides inspiring new insights into the Word Of God, sparking the readers spiritual imagination.

Some of the plants are remarkably similar to what we know; some are remarkably different. Some are beautiful flowers; others are prosaic food crops. Yet these plants, as with all of God’s good creation, call out to us to worship our Creator anew.

 In The Garden includes indexes to each plant such as: Ebony, Myrrh: Old Testament Grape Vine, along with its corresponding Scripture references, a calendar of Jewish festivals and the growing seasons in Israel, and tips for growing your very own biblically inspired garden.

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Iceland ~ Reykjavik Food Walk

Groovin’ Moms had the greatest opportunity to visit Iceland in February. We got to see glaciers, geysers, The Northern Lights and we even swam in the Blue Lagoon. We also got to taste the food of Iceland on the Reykjavik Food Walk

Our first stop was Messinn where we tried the Icelandic fish mash or “plokkfiskur” and the Arctic charr with a honey glaze, potatoes and greens. It was the heartiest stop and we could not stop eating, both dishes were delicious!

Bæjarins Bestu Pylsur is a must visit to enjoy the one and only Icelandic hot dog with everything! Icelandic sweet ketchup, sweet brown mustard, remoulade, raw onion and deep fried onion.  You can find them in the market vacuumed sealed ready to take home to enjoy.

Íslenski Barinn  is where we had the Icelandic lamb meat soup with the Einstök White Ale beer  which really went well with the Fermented shark (yes, I had one piece) and dried fish served with butter!!

Café Loki  here we tried Rye bread with smoked trout- Flatbread with smoked lamb and were so surprised how delicious the Rye bread ice cream with whipped cream and rhubarb syrup was. Rye Bread, who knew?

Sjávargrillið- we found Chocolate goodness waiting for us and we enjoyed with coffee and tea. Thank you and a big shout out to our guide Karen who was so wonderful as she took us from place to place explaining each and every dish and made us feel so at home in Iceland.

Enjoy Life. It Is Delicious.

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MYCHELLE Refining Sugar Cleanser #GLOW #Exfoliate #Canesugar #Vanilla #Soften&Smooth

MyChelle Refining Sugar Cleanser a natural sugar, multi-taking cleanser that gently exfoliates surface impurities as it transforms into a creamy, foaming lather which will leave skin feeling smoother, softer, and hydrated. Boosted with Peptides and plant extracts to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

 It’s a intoxicating Vanilla-infused exfoliating cleanser which will leave skin radiant and refined. Boosted with anti-aging Matrixyl® Synthe’6™ Peptide, bioactive Plant Extracts, and Hyaluronic Acid.

Made without GMO, Gluten, Parabens, Petroleum, Phthalates, Silicones, Sulfates, Ureas, Artificial Fragrances, and Artificial Colors, Vegan and Cruelty-free!

Gentle enough to use every day.

Founded in 2000 in Colorado, transformed the natural beauty industry by being the first to use anti-aging peptides, plant stem cells, and clinically proven dermatological ingredients. MyChelle Dermaceuticals supports a full line of highly effective, targeted treatments including cleansers, exfoliators, serums, moisturizers, and sun protection.


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Richard Alan Krieger – Civilization’s Quotations: Life’s Ideal

Some days, we all need the perfect sound bite — that nugget of wisdom — to encourage us, to spark our creativity or to simply inspire our friends on social media. Songwriter/musician and philosophy enthusiast Richard Alan Krieger has assembled an impressive compendium of 8,000 motivational maxims, from Grandma Moses, Buddha, Helen Keller, Confucius, Socrates, Frank Lloyd Wright, etc.

Civilization’s Quotations: Life’s Ideal is an extraordinary compilation of the most enduring, inspirational quotations from the greatest thinkers in world history. Chinese proverbs, Roman maxims and the wisdom of writers from William Penn to Kahlil Gibran cover themes from humility and patience, to courage, will and action. The topics are arranged in a sequence that begins with birth and progresses through the seasons of the “ideal life.” When possible, each quotation flows into the next like a speech being given by one person creating a seamless stream of consciousness that Krieger calls “poetic quotation.”

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The CLEAN & SIMPLE Diabetes Cookbook by Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN #BOOKWORM

The Clean & Simple Diabetes Cookbook is full of flavorful, fuss-free recipes for everyday meal planning.

You will learn how to cook at home with easy to follow recipes using fresh ingredients to begin your clean-eating lifestyle.

It give you step-by-step guide to easy cooking for diabetes. Contains over 100 recipes each with nutrition information that makes meal planning for diabetes easy. Each recipe contains minimal ingredients, use common cooking equipment, require 15 minutes or less of prep time, and provide detailed, easy-to-understand instructions and give 25 of the easiest ever three ingredient recipe ideas such as: PB&J Yogurt Snack Sunday – Cheese and Grape Kebab – Grilled Fig and Goat Cheese – Avocado & Hummus Toast and many more recipes that not only sound delicious but are.


From weeknight meals for the whole family to snacks on the go and even desserts, there’s something in here for everybody in THE CLEAN & SIMPLE DIABETES COOKBOOK. Best of all, each recipe follows the ADA’s dietary and nutritional guidelines. And a diabetes-friendly diet isn’t a special diet, it’s a smarter diet!

AUTHOR: Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN, is a New York City based chief, nutritionist, media personality, food writer, and author of several cookbooks, including the award-winning The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook and The With or Without Meat Cookbook. Jackie Newgent, is a healthy cooking instructor at the institute of Culinary Education, a frequent contributor to national media outlets, and culinary nutrition consultant to food companies.

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