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Boys Town Press: Fall Books Help Kids & Families With Stress, Anxiety, & Compromise

yes, the most rewarding job in the world, raising children can be hard—especially in 2019. The issues parents and teachers must guide kids through can be tricky, and unfortunately don’t come with a road map. Boys Town Press recognizes the joys and challenges that communities and families face when helping to raise children. Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can.

Their books for elementary- and middle school-aged readers are unparalleled in terms of providing entertaining guidance through these tough situations. Helping to confront a wide variety of challenging issues – anxiety, peer relationships, self-monitoring, stress – Boys Town Press titles rely on lively illustrations and every day characters to make their stories fun and accessible.  

Parker Plum and the Journey through the CATacombs by Billie Pavicic, illustrated by Madeline Timm (August 6, 2019). Parker Plum is back, leading a fantastical adventure through the Metropolitan Mummy Museum that helps him explore, celebrate his own strengths, and work through feelings of envy toward his new classmate.  

Freddie & Friends: Becoming Unstuck by Kimberly Delude, illustrated by Brian Martin (August 20, 2019). In the next installment in this popular series, readers meet Betsy, a beetle who is so pestered by her worry bug that she sometimes gets stuck! With the help of her friends and a new system, she’s able to move forward and find her confidence.

The Great Compromise by Julia Cook, illustrated by Kyle Merriman (September 3, 2019). Cora June is back, and she’s just as spunky and ambitious as ever! This time around, she has very specific ideas about how things should go. But her classmate Wilson also has specific ideas that just so happen to be different from hers. With the help of their teacher, both must learn the very important skill of compromise.

Stress Stinks by Bryan Smith, illustrated by Lisa M. Griffin (September 17, 2019). Between softball practice, homework, and chores, poor Amelia is feeling stressed out. And stress is hard! Luckily, Amelia’s mom is around to teach Amelia some strategies to reframe her thinking and help her through her stressed-out situation. 

How Did You Miss That? by Bryan Smith, illustrated by Lisa M. Griffin (October 8, 2019). The latest installment in the Executive FUNction series follows Braden as he learns the importance of self-monitoring and some good strategies to help him slow down, recognize (and prevent!) mistakes, and stay on track.

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PHLAT BALL Goliath Sports #Disc #Ball #Catch

Phlat Ball starts off as a disc but when thrown turns into a ball. Just press top and bottom together set time-delay and throw. The catcher will be surprise when the 9″ DISC transforms itself into a 6″ BALL.

PHLAT BALL is waterproof. Comes with fun game ideas.

PHLAT BALL packs flat for easy transport. The close of summer doesn’t stop PHALT BALL! PHLAT BALL …let it fly!

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MP Magic Socks #socks #magic #odorless #feet


MP Magic Socks… socks that keep your feet odorless. Imagine you can remove your shoes and know that your feet will not have that stinky smell… can be worn for 6 days without washing them and your feet will be odorless. Sole Mates!

MP Magic Socks are not your regular everyday socks. whether you’re being scanned at an airport, getting comfortable on a long-haul flight, entering a religious house of worship or visiting a local friend in their home, you will not be embarrassed of foot odor when you wear MP Magic Socks.
They incorporated a smart design, with a silver, copper and zinc-infusion to make antibacterial fabrics which help keep your feet odorless.

MP Magic Socks wear well, are comfortable, fit great, and get rid of foot odor. They help keep free dry and fresh to avoid Athlete’s Foot and other fungal infections.  Now if you want healthy and better smelling feet then MP Magic Socks are the socks for you.

MP Magic socks are featured with:
Unparalleled comfort like your second skin 
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Italy knitting machine with 200-needle count
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No shoes, no problem, when you wear MP Magic Socks.

MP Magic Socks…A great Holiday gift for men and women.

Socks GIFT BOXES (Limited Edition. 5 pairs / box)

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FOUR: Organics Lip Balm

FOUR: organics lip balm come in a 3-pack keeping your lips pampered with just four natural ingredients. Pack one in your purse, your carry-on and make-up bag. FOUR Ingredients: Each 100% organic. Coconut Oil. Beeswax. Jojoba Oil. Peppermint Oil. Time to pucker up!

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say hello to Kids  SPIbelt, the creator of the small personal item belt, and they offers a kid’s medical belt that is great for active kids who need to carry medical supplies with them to school, such as: insulin pumps, inhalers, EpiPen®, or CGMs (continuous glucose monitoring systems). 

For the parent who is anxious about their kid heading back to school when they need special supplies, the Kids’ SPIbelt is a must-have.

  • Discreet pass-through hole for cords or wires
  • Won’t bounce or shift during active play
  • Stretches to fit  securely 
  • Available in 21 designs

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