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The Dinosaur In The Elevator a Guess Who Book by Howard Eisenberg #Bookworm

The Dinosaur In The Elevator by Howard Eisenberg a book of imagination. Twins Robbie and Abby turn their visit to the museum into a adventure by bringing back a T-Rex to life. As they wander down the Cretaceous Era with dinosaurs of every shape and size they begin their adventure. Encountering dinosaurs that are friendly and not so friendly.

Can you guess their names from the clue-filled poems they sing?





In the Write-Your-Own Ending book, The Dinosaur in The Elevator allows the readers imagination into the story by being your own author. Each book contains blank pages near the end perfect for you to figure out how you’d get the main characters out of every desperate situation they’ve gotten into, of just enjoy the ending provided.

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#StrongKids by Jennifer and Naomi Keitt

Emotions are high on all ends now and children in particular need help learning to process how they feel and in return, how they act. Parents and educators can help curb the combative culture in homes by showing children how to take back their power in order to “turn things around” when their thoughts bring them down. Feeling understood is security

 Jennifer Keitt and her daughter, news reporter, Naomi Keitt, have teamed up to write #Strongkids— a new practical, fun, and colorful children’s book that can help children ages 3-6 learn the social and emotional skills involved in understanding their thoughts and feelings. They’ve also produced an accompanying #StrongKids Toolkit online, Understanding Your Child’s Personality.

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Bliss Bomb Donut Decorating Kit

BlissBomb’s signature mini donuts now come deconstructed giving kids (of all ages!) the chance to design the donuts of their dreams. The kits ship nationwide and include:

  • 12 baked mini donuts (6 chocolate, 6 vanilla)
  • 3 soaks to add flavor and moisture (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla)
  • 3 piping bags with glaze (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla)
  • 4 tasty toppings (ranging from colorful sprinkles to candied fruit)
  • Pastry box that can be decorated and used as a gift box

Launching its ecommerce site the company also ships luxe gift boxes, bringing flavor and choice to an ecommerce category limited by pre-set flavor assortments and increasingly prioritizing softness, sweetness and color over taste. Donut decorating kits are also available to ship nationwide. Kids in the kitchen: imagination, empowerment, creativity and life long memories.

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Zoey Naturals Sunscreen – Melon Awapuhi UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum #Sunscreen #Madeforbabies

SPF 30 Sunscreen
Zoey Naturals

Zoey Naturals SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen , made for babies, gives UVA/UVB sun protection and is infused with nutrients to keep your baby’s skin nourished while in the sun. Zoey Naturals- formulated for babies and loved by mothers world wide. Zoey Natural Mineral Sunscreen is free of harsh chemicals and gentle on the environment. 

Zoey Naturals SPF Broad 30 Sunscreen will keep your baby skins nourished while soaking up the sun.

Biodegradable – Reef Safe- Water Resistant – No Harsh Chemicals

Use: Apply evenly and liberally 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. Reapply 2 hours after prolonged sweating or swimming and immediately after towel drying.
For children under 6 months of age: Ask a doctor.
Active Ingredient: Zinc Oxide

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Zoey Naturals English Garden Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer English Garden

Zoey Hand Sanitizer English Garden kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It’s the perfect solution when you cannot wash your hands. It is formulated without the use of harsh chemicals and deeply cleanses without the use of water.

Zoey Hand Sanitizer English Garden cleans and leaves behind a English Garden scent. Ideal for little…and it smells really good! t’s hypoallergenic, has no harsh chemicals, and is always made with care in the USA.

Deeply cleanses – Perservative free – Paraben free. Ingredients: 70% Ethyl alcohol, water, fragrance.

A Sanitizer with an English Garden scent