My name is Barbara

Took my granddaughter out to Wendy’s, just the two of us. Since her brother was born we have not spent much alone time.  I mean, me and her alone, no other interruptions. It was truly a good time. We got to talk about her new secret identity.  BAT GIRL!  The female super hero that she has now identified herself with. Of course, this is a big secret and no one is to know. Her father brought her a Bat Girl costume ,which she keeps hidden. She is one happy female super hero. As we  talk, 4 year old talk, my granddaughter reminds me that her name is Barbara ( Bat Girls name when she is not Bat Girl).  “Barbara,” I say to her at Wendy’s to get her attention.  Sophia looks at me and with a look that only a 4 year old can give says, “Nunna this is a secret don’t call me Barbara.”   I begin to reassure her that no one heard me and her secret is still a secret.  Sophie scans the dining area and I quickly say,” Do you really think that the people are listening to us look around they are not paying attention at all.”   She looks back at me and says,” Ok, Nunna.” With out any argument she took my word  that her secret was safe.
Barbara, Bat Girl, Sophie, whatever she wants me to call her I  play along. Enjoying her imagination and the short time we have together.