Love my Penney’s

When I needed to redo a room in my home, I would shop from Spiegel Catalog and Fortunoff’s.  Well, we all know what happened to Fotunoff’s and Speigel decided to do away with home goods.  How terrible this was for me.  Then my cousin, Liz, told me about Penney’s, I said, “really Penney’s”,  she said, I always shop at Penney’s and they have alot of home items, and reasonably priced.  I liked the reasonably priced part.

I gave it a chance,  because I had no real choice.  I started with little items, a coffee pot was as far as I would venture to go, ordered from their website, and no delivery charge, the best.  Then one day I went to Westbury Mall and decided let me give Penney’s a look.  I was so impressed with their bed sets, so much to choose from and again, the price was right.  I never thought I would buy a red and gold bed set with matching curtains, no less, but I did.  I love the feel the red gives.  JCPenney is a definite stop now ever time I need a home idea.

Thanks JC Penney.