Dancing with Bernie

Yes, Bernie is still around.  His classes more than intense.  Each class is a surprise.  As the members enter we all ask each other, “What do you think he will be doing today?”  The answer is “God only knows.”  And it never fails, it is always something different then the last class.

I loved today’s class.  It was all dancing.  I felt like I was in a dance rehearsal.  The room was filled and we all were bopping to the music.  Kicking, hips a swinging, arms swaying to the music, one, two, one two.  Who needs dancing with the stars when we can dance with Bernie.
DWTS-030811-0031.jpgI love dancing.  Dancing is the fun way to get into shape.  Perfect example is Kirstie Alley.  Have you noticed how much weight she has dropped since she started this dancing with the stars gig.  Week by week, dance by dance, she is shedding her pounds and loving every minute of it, I am sure.

Yes, Bernie’s classes are intense, but he makes shaping up unpredictable, and fun.

Go ahead, dance, dance to your hearts content, and just like Kirstie, should  you fall or lose a shoe, just keep on dancing.

You’ll be surprised as to what else will fall off.