Stop Making My Own Work Stress

Alot of work related stress can be avoided.  Like some people, I found myself complaining  about my job or  thinking I didn’t make enough money….really??  Has anyone ever said that they do??  So I remind myself to do my best, discuss and bargain and chances are more money will be in my future.  Feeling good about what I do and about myself,  no matter what.

Sometimes I find myself whinning.or worse, having to listen to someone else moan and groan……….he likes her better than me……..I do all the work around here……..can you imagine  if that were true!!   That’s when I have to stop myself and say why don’t you grow up already. Truth is some people never grow up,  and people are everywhere.  So I remember that  I am part of a team and people rely on me to hold up my end.

When things and office management change and I’m  still not happy……….that’s when I  stop,  take a step back and think  ……hey, maybe it’s me?  There is no reason to think my  department gets no respect…..odds are all the other department feel the same.  Both the right and the  left hand have jobs to do……I wouldn’t want to lose either.

Face it…..we don’t get to pick our boss… so I work the day and then I am very happy go home ……to a place where I am boss!!

I’ve stopped putting dead lines on myself…..because we all know that  alot of it  can wait until tomorrow.  Ive finally  grown to recognize that managers are people too, they may not know everything, but they are dealing with more than I know. I didn’t always think like this,   I wasted so much time feeling bad about this or that. Please don’t waste your time.

 Now,  I wake up each day thanking God I have a job, with full intent of doing my best with joy and not complaining and getting myself into a bad mood.  Somedays it works…..somedays it doesn’t.  One thing for sure, I know that it is my attitude that will greatly determine the way my day will go, so  I pray and  try my best to  be powerful – not pitiful.

source:Readers Digest

posted by Liz