What Makes Love Last

According to The Ladies Home Journal (LHM) marriage researchers have switched from predicting how many unions will crumble to looking into what makes a marriage  strong.

What a novel idea.

As per, Bobbie Yagel, co-author of 15 Minutes to Build a Stronger Marriage the follwoing are essential to creating a strong marriage:

  • Increase praise. Psychologist John Gottman, Ph.D., who has studied two thousand married couples, says a minimum of five positive interactions for every negative one is essential to marital bliss. Gottman encourages plenty of touching, complimenting, smiling and laughing, and warns against criticism, contempt and defensiveness.
  • Touch often. UCLA researchers determined that meaningful touch is crucial to maintaining an intimate relationship. Other studies have found that women in particular need eight to ten meaningful touches a day to stay mentally and physically healthy.
  • Make marriage a priority. According to a study of fifty happily married couples by psychologist Judith Wallerstein, all fifty believed that creating a successful marriage was the major commitment of their adult lives.

Three seemingly simple steps to create a strong long lasting marriage.   Then why is it they are the hardest to do.

Praise, touch, and priority (PTP). What a great recipe for all the people that we love.

mb\source: Ladies Home Journal