Easy Chicken Biscuits


My grandkids want me to bake whenever I babysit.. Cupcakes or pizza or something, really anything!  The idea is “Lets Make A Mess”.  Here is a simple and quick chicken biscuit I made with left over chicken and the things I found in my daughters’ refrigerator.

Easy Chicken Biscuits

Pillsbury Refrigerator Biscuits
1 cut-up Grilled Chicken Cutlet – leftover
1 TB minced onion/celery/carrot mix – I used a little because of the kids
1/2 Cup Mango Salsa – because that’s what I found
1/2 Cup shredded cheese



Oven 400 – Place biscuits in cupcake pan – press to form.  Mix the chicken with the rest of the ingredients and let the kids fill biscuits.  Bake 20 minutes or until brown (you know your oven).

Kids will eat what they help you cook.  You just have to clean up.