Snow Days and Hot Cocoa


I  got a text from my office manager this morning  and he told me that the office will be closed today. It’s been snowing all night and the city just announced that NYC schools will be closed.  My office follows NYC protocol and that means today is a “SNOW DAY”.  And it’s Friday – Oh, yeah!


Growing up, snow meant there would be hot cocoa and cookies waiting for us after we played for hours and hours. How we loved to play in the snow.  I know children  will be enjoying today.


So I’m treating myself to some hot cocoa and chocolate graham cracker star cookies. They only come out this time of year. Love them!!  If it’s snowing where you are, please stay safe and warm and join me in a cup.  Welcome 2014 🙂

Hot Cocoa

2 Tb2 sugar, 2 Tbs Cocoa, Dash of salt, 1C Milk, 1/4 tsp vanilla
Mix sugar, cocoa and salt in large mug.  Heat milk in microwave 1 min or until hot (be careful)   Slowly add milk to cocoa mixture, still well. Stir in vanilla.  Enjoy!!