Scratch and Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies #SharkTank

Two years ago, Mom and entrepreneur Taya Geiger and her partner secured a deal with Barbara Corcoran on “Shark Tank” and today their unique brand, Scratch & Grain Baking Co., is redefining the baking mix category by offering a wide array of deliciously natural and organic products that come with pre-measured, individually-packaged ingredients.

Featuring easy-to-use numbered, color coded, clearly-labeled and individually packaged wholesome ingredients, Scratch & Grain products helped Sandra and Robbie  enjoy the timeless pleasure of baking from scratch but to create their very own recipe variations – an option not available with traditional one-mix-fits-all kits.

Scratch & Grain products include Shark Tank Special PacksCookie Kits (including such irresistible flavors as Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Classic Sugar, Gluten-Free Snicker Doodle and Gluten-Free Chocolate Truffle); Cupcake KitsBrownie Kits;Muffin KitsCornbread KitsCupcake Kits and Pumpkin Bar Kits. Just add such staples as butter and eggs and you’re practically ready to open your very own bake shop. Great job Sandra and Robbie!!!

Scratch & Grain products are all-natural, completely non-GMO, and Certified Kosher, with most also USDA Certified Organic and several gluten-free as well.

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