Super Beets #SuperFood #Circulation Food #HeartHealthy

I heard a lot about the benefits of beets such as: they contain valuable nutrients that may help lower blood pressure, fight cancer and inflammation, boost your stamina, and support detoxification.   However, to receive the benefits that beets give you you would need to consume three beets daily, not an easy task.   Then I heard about  super beets!

Super beets is a powder that is easy to take, a scoop (One scoop = 3 beets) full in water once a day.  

Super beets byHumanN.     became the chosen beet supplement, in the hopes that it will increase energy, promote heart health, circulation, and support a healthy blood pressure levels.  Now 30 days later?  Have noticed my energy level has increased.  Feeling less  lethargic as the day goes on.    Was it from super beets?   Not totally sure. But Super beets  was the only new supplement that I started taking.  Very interesting!

Not looking for any sugar or caffeine to keep me going during the day any longer.  I think  super beets  is doing the job.


Yes, super beets is now a part of my daily supplements. Consult a physician before using this and any  diet supplement.

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