Persian Dinner and Birthday on Broadway @AnastasiaBway #TastyTuesday

The best part of living in New York has to be the Broadway Shows and all the good food you can find here. So when I asked my niece Sandra what she wanted for her birthday her response was I’d love to go see Anastasia on Broadway.  Guess what so would I!!!  But first lets’ get something to eat.  I met Sandra after work at her job and we walked over to the Ravagh Persian Grill for dinner, she told me this was one of her favorite places for lunch and now I know why. Delicious.

As soon as we sat down the waiter brought over some warm home made Persian bread and two sauces, a white and a Chutneh green, which were so addicting. This was enough for 4-6 people. We shared a Mediterranean Salad and the Sambuseh Fried Dumplings, which we dipped in the sauces – so good.

For dinner we shared the Chicken Koobideh Kebob which comes with two very large kebobs, rice and grilled onion and tomato. Even though we were both very full I convinced Sandra to get some  dessert, you know for her birthday and everything. We picked  Zoolbia Bamieh Fried donuts and honey. Sandra ate two and I ate the rest. I like honey.

Now we were on First Avenue and we had to make our way to Eight Avenue to see the show. We left the restaurant thinking we would hop on  train and ride over. But as we walked on that beautiful Spring like evening in October, we both looked at each other and asked “Do you want to walk”.  Laughing, we both agreed it would be a good idea after that fabulous meal to walk and so we did. It took us about 40 minutes but we arrived in plenty time to find our seats, get comfortable and enjoy a wonderful historical fiction musical, that never stopped entertaining and kept us hoping and believing and talking bout it all the way home.