The Christmas Gift – #Family

The Christmas story is about a Special Family.  The First Christmas Family… who had absolutely nothing.  Yet, through the birth of a baby the world was given a most precious gift.  The gift of Hope, Faith, and Love.  A gift of JOY.  A gift that transformed the world.    And It didn’t take an army or a law to give this gift to us,  it took a simple family to provide such an awesome gift for ALL!  That’s Christmas to me.

So, I thank my family for providing me, and my husband, with the gift of FAMILY.  A gift that doesn’t come in a box.  A gift that only family can unwrap.  A gift box filled with family treasured moments.  A gift of a home filled with smiles, laughter, tears, joy, and fears.   My family may not have changed the world, but, they did change my world.       The Brennan family are delighted to be photo bombed.  Christian shouts proudly, “I am a Brennan, too.”  Children – gifts from God.  We could not have a house filled Christmas without these special gifts.

The family keeps growing, and the gifts just keep on giving.

With special people in our lives that keep us marching through the years.  That is why, at Christmas time, we need to declutter our lives, and send that message.  For love is the gift we give to one another.  Love is free, needs no wrapping, or colorful bows… just grab the person and hold them!  Very Close!!












My daily pray is that we hold on to the truth, and the true meaning of Christmas, as we do have a tendency to lose it in all the hustle and the bustle of our everyday busy lives.


The family provides an anchor, the true joy that we so need.  The joy of the first Christmas Family is easy to attain.  Let’s look beyond the dazzling lights, and look only at the one bright light who leads us to the true meaning of the first Christmas.   The gift of the people in our lives.

Thank you Lord, you have allowed me to know  true JOY!  Thank you Lord, for my gift, for my FAMILY!