Hey, Google… #LetsGetStarted #GoogleHomemini #OKGOOGLE

Google Home Mini  got me started.

Google Home Mini is smart, works with Chromecast so you can stream shows, movies, and music on your TV or speakers.  Over 1,000+ compatible devices and apps connect with Google Home Mini.

It’s small but it’s mighty!

Google Mini allows me to know the weather for the day, traffic getting to work.  All with a simple “Hey,Google…”  And did I forget to mention all my favorite music…”Hey, Google play Beatles.” “Hey, Google play Frank Sinatra.”  Google Home Mini  can answer questions,  “Hey, Google will it be raining today?”  “Hey, Google what’s the recipe for Chicken Marsala?”  Google can help me keep my appointments, “Hey, Google remind me of my dentist appointment, on January 9th, at 3.”  🙂

The Google Assistant provides information that’s personalized just for you. Google Mini has Voice Match.  Everyone can get their own schedule, daily briefings, playlists and more just by asking Google.   That’s a Match!  Learn more

My favorite: facts & info and “Hey, Google find my phone.”

Tell Google Home Mini what you want and she is there to assist whenever you need help.

Google Home comes in three sizes.

Easy Peasy set up.


Thanks Google!  We all love it!

Google Home Mini – Play. Imagine. Learn. #OKGoogle