My Gym Friends @YourMothersHouse #YMH

I am one of those people that has learned that I need to go to a gym to get the needed workout.  I had stopped believing the lie, I told myself, that I can do it on my own, a long time ago.  However, what I never imagined was that my daily gym attendance would give me not just a workout, but the pleasure of knowing some fabulous ladies.  These ladies have become my  ‘My Gym Friends’.   So, it was my pleasure to be asked to join these lovely ladies outside of the gym walls.

With no sweat dripping down our faces, and hair in place, we were unrecognizable at first glance.  Ha! 

It was our boot camp instructor who got us ladies together at Your Mother’s House Kitchen and Bar.  I did wonder how the evening would go, since at the gym we really don’t have time to converse. We just have enough time to do bur-pees, push-ups, squats, etc. – sooo much fun…NOT!
However, after a few minutes and a drink, everyone relaxed and we began talking about our interests and what we do in our every day lives, besides going to the gym.  We did lots of  talking and lots of laughing.  I think for our first time out that was pretty good.

YMH  did offer a variety of drinks but this one specialty drink stood out for me.  The  Beer Margarita   was one of them.  I was thinking of ordering a Beer Margarita but then remembered I had to drive home.  Which was not a problem for the ladies, for this was just the beginning of the night for them they had made plans to UBER it to Manhattan.  The party was not ending at YMH for these gals. I was invited to go but sadly declined.

I now know that these girls are not just fun at the gym.  They are a great group of women who know how to have fun.  As they went out to party on down, I went home to lie down. Ha!  Old married lady that I am.   How the night ended?  I am not sure, but if I got the right impression, I would bet an extra set of  push-ups that they danced into the night.