Celebrating A Lucky 8s’ Birthday ~ Look Who Is 88

What a difference a year makes, last year while we celebrated my moms 87 birthday little did we know that she had suffered a mild stroke. As the weeks passed she would tell us she was seeing things and people in the house. Finally we took her to the Emergency Room and they informed us that she did in deed have a mild stroke affecting her eyesight. After weeks in the hospital and rehab, she came home and has slowly progressed getting better and stronger. She is not the same but we know how worse she might have been. And we are grateful for her steady recovery and good health.

Family is all my mom wanted for her birthday, so this year I decided to cook (my mom stopped cooking around this time last year, which was another hint that we missed)  and celebrate with a home cooked meal. I made spaghetti and meatballs for the kids, sausage, peppers and onions and some chicken cutlets with potatoes and asparagus for dinner. My sister bought the cupcakes and  cake, my daughter bought my mom flowers and my niece, Sandra brought some chocolate.

The kids played video games and watched movies and then my daughter brought out a card game Exploding Kittens, we are a competitive group so we can get loud and we did.

When people say that kids don’t get enough exercise any more playing video games, well that does not include my grandson Caleb. He gets so excited playing the games that he dances and jumps around. I guess it’s because he wants so bad to beat his older brother in just one game.

The best news is that my mom is playing her daily number and pick 4 again. She goes to the corner deli once a week picks up milk and eggs  and gets her numbers for the week. This is the greatest gift she could have given us!!! We keep a deck of playing cards out hoping one day she will want to play some poker.

No matter how old you are no matter where you go, Home is always where your Mom is. Happy Birthday Mom. Wishing you joy, peace and many many more birthdays.