Atlantic City #Gamble #Resorts #Pier

Atlantic City!  I forgot what this town was like. It was fun returning to Atlantic City, even though, the weather was colder than we would have liked it to be.

As we drove into AC the changes to the landscape was apparent. Wind turbines strategically placed along the outskirts doing the job they are suppose to do, turning kinetic energy into energy.

Some hotels are still there, yet some hotels have long vanished.  Still there, the SHOWBOAT Hotel.

We stayed at the RESORTS Casino Hotel.  The boardwalk was pretty empty.  My husband and I were the only boardwalk walkers.  Like I said, “It was cold.”

Like the Steel Pier.  The Steel Pier is there but it no longer provides the diving horse as entertainment.  The diving horse attracted many visitors to the old AC.  Simple entertainment, for a simpler AC.   Now the Pier has an amusement park for summer entertainment.The new AC does have decorative beach chairs strategically placed along the boardwalk.

Of course, no visit to AC is complete without friends you enjoy spending time with.  We  four created new memories, this weekend at AC, to add on to the old ones.