All Good Things Come to an End #GymFriends

It is always sad when you have to say goodbye to friends.  Especially, when you are not sure if you will ever see them again.  This recently happened, when my gym closed, and after 15 years of seeing these smiling faces it was time to say goodbye and begin a new gym life.   Hard to  believe I have to move on and leave behind some very great people, who I call,  “My Gym friends.”

It was even sadder when my “Gym Friends”  gathered for the last time to celebrate their gym friendship. They gathered at Kpacho’s Mexican  Restaurant– without me 🙁 .   I had family obligations that evening and could not attend.    I was not there to celebrate, one last time,  with this great group, who every week displayed faces of sweat, that Catherine’s (instructor wearing purple) boot camp can make appear. 

It’s not everyday you join a gym, and along with the gym membership, you are blessed with friends that are full of life.    My we meet again,  not just to do reps of 10,  with sets of 8.

Au revoir!  Fare thee well!  Till we bur-pee, sit -up and squat once again, my gym friends!!

Stay strong, stay healthy, be blessed!