Marvel Universe Live Birthday Celebration at Nassau Coliseum #AgeOfHeros

My grandsons are crazy for Marvel Heros and Villians, so when I found out that Marvel Universe Live was going to be at Nassau Coliseum I jumped to it and got tickets for the family.  We did not tell any of the kids where we were going, they thought we were going to see a ballgame and then the closer we came to the entrance they realized what was in store!!

See that smiling face between Mom and Dad – that’s what I was going for. My grandson was so excited and happy to be at the show. He got into the act and helped out his heros with his own super power ray gun the whole show through.

When we are together we don’t realize we are making memories, we know that we  are just having fun.

I love spending time with my family and there are so many games and toys that honestly,  I just never know what to buy so I try to do things that include everyone when we celebrate a birthday.  Never ever underestimate the importance of having fun.  Happy Birthday Big Boy.