Keens #Chophouse #Steakhouse #Nightout

Keens Steakhouse, the perfect place to enjoy a fine steak, with fine friends.  Keens is over a century old, a true landmark.   Keens walls must hold a lot of dinner talk secrets.

This was our third visit to Keens Steakhouse.  In this third visit we were escorted to the upstairs dining room.  How surprised we were to find out that Keens had an upstairs dining area with pictures of days gone by.    Like this photo of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States.   I imagined President Roosevelt, sitting in the same dining room area where we sat, eating a…well, whatever he would have been eating I am pretty sure he would’ve had a meal fit for a…U.S. President.

A head of a moose was giving us a side stare as we sat in the upstairs dining room.   Every time I see a moose’s head protruding out of a  wall, I always think of Abbott and Costello’s movie Hold that Ghost, where Moose (a character in the film) said,” I keep my money in my head.”  So goes the joke.  Love, love, Abbott and Costello films.  Their comedy was simple, but funny.

Well,  you can’t be a vegetarian or  practice a veganism, when indulging yourself at Keens Steakhouse.   We ordered Keens famous Mutton Chop, and their perfectly cooked New York Prime T-Bone Steak.  Also, the Keens, Prime Porterhouse for two.  When the dish was placed on the table it gave us reason to pause.  Love it!  A Keens Steakhouse design.

A night at Keens is  a night of class.   Keens Steakhouse a treat well worth the price.

Keens Steakhouse – no better place to have a fine meal,  with fine friends, and a fine husband.  Oh, and never forget the fine martini.  By the grace of God, we will visit Keens  a fourth time.