The Cuban Restaurant #Cuisine #Latin #Mojito #Octopus

The Cuban NY

Looking for a restaurant that gives you the most for your money, and a Mojito  that will give you that island feel?    Then you must check out The Cuban.

A meal that is prepared with the best ingredients.  That’s the THE CUBAN.

We had ordered the specials of the evening.  And we all agreed out dishes were special.

Like this chicken, shrimp, steak, ribs, scallop, and chorizo sausage dish.  A dish for two that fed three.  Including a doggie, bag that is.

Then the octopus dish of the night. This octopus dish was in question.  To eat or not to eat?    Ha!  We ate!  Grilled octopus has now become a dish of order.

As long as it’s lite up. With flame clicker in hand, octopus up in flames!  Flaming octopus!

Fire up the pan, cause flaming octopus is Cuban cool.