Yehuda Matzos Watza Crackers & Matzo-Style Square #Matzos

Yehuda Matzos – Watza Crackers  are light air and airy with a crunch.  Only 50 calories per serving are perfect on their own or piled with your favorite toppings. Yehuda Matzo-Style Squares are imported from Israel.  Yehuda Matzos are Gluten Free.  All products bearing the Yehuda name are always made to perfection.  And Matzo-Style Squares are no exception.   Marzo-Style Squares are an everything matzo.  “There’s no wrong way to eat a Watza!”

Yehuda Matzos factory is owned by the orthodox Ludmir family from Zefat, seventh generation in Israel, who have been baking matzos since 1921.  The Yehuda Matzos Co. is a leading matzo products & matzo flour manufacturer, meeting all strict Kosher & quality requirements, ISO 9001 and HACCP certified. The products are marketed in Israel and in various countries round the world – to private & institutional markets, Jewish communities, marketing chains and shops.

Look for New! Watza Crackers (fat-free & just 50 calories per serving) and Yehuda Cinnamon Matzo Squares. Spread Passover crackers with Tuscanini’s 50% Real Fruit Preserves – available in both mouthwatering White Fig and Forest Fruits varieties.

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