Long Island Greek Festival #FamilyFun

Our yearly Greek Festival was here and even though rain was soon to fall, we Spartan-ed on and did not hide.  

Well, we did run under the first available tent which  just happen to be selling beer 🙂

Spinach pie is a must. Speared chicken on a stick is always a hit. Simple and delicious

The surprise of the night were the stuffed peppers!!!

Make sure you go hungry and ready to have a wonderful time.

There was Greek dancing but dancing was not on our plate.  We went for the festival games. Ring around the bottle!  Seriously, I thought, what a waste of money.   No way can we can win!  Wrong!  My daughter with her first throw rings the bottle.   Yeah!  She’s a winner!  Of a bottle of wine.  

To celebrate the win a selfie was in order.   A Greek Festival is not Ancient.