Jake’s 58 Casino #ladiesday #travelTuesday

My mom loves to gamble, bingo, poker, casino fun. She had stopped all that since her mini stroke last year, so when she said I wonder what the new casino by Vera (my daughter) is like. We hopped to it and took a drive over and my niece came and met us there. Roll the dice.  Hello Jake’s 58 Casino. 

My niece and I do not like to gamble, so we were the cheerleaders of the day.  We just spent two hours because my mom gets tired but that did not stop the winnings from happening. Both my mom and daughter walked out with a little more than they walked in with!! Luck was a Lady today.

What to do with the winnings was a no brainer – let’s go for lunch. We picked up Sandras’ boyfriend Robby and headed over to Karvers Grille and celebrated the great time at the casino.  We filled up on fish and chips, a Reuben sandwich with fries, gravy smothered fries and spicy chicken wings. Then we went home and me and my mom took a nap.

If you or anyone you know have a gambling problem click here