Seventh Street Garden City Street Fair #LongIsland

Seventh Street, in Garden City, gives the town a fun way to spend Friday nights in the summer.  A way to get to know your neighbors, and share some time. It was as simple as closing off the streets to all traffic and giving way to only walkers – not the dead kind.  With an Irish band playing the activity gave way to family fun time.

The street embodied a patriotic feel.  As American flags are displayed on both sides of the street. When we arrived on 7th Street we searched for a place to relax and have a bite to eat.   Walk Street American Kitchen & Bar was a perfect choice especially based on the name Walk.

As the band kept the walkers entertained, we had a full view of the town. Daughter and Dad!  They have the same look on their face

Sangria and beer were ordered. Did you think we could go without the toast of the night?

A burger was ordered along with two chicken salads.  Bet you know who had the burger!
















However, mother and daughter still have a bond.

7th Street in Garden City offers a different type of an evening out.   So happy we were there to experience a town with unity.

We will be going back to redo the evening.   7th Street  is a family street, every Friday evening in the summer.

By the way, a shout out to the Garden City Police Department who  made sure only walkers could come down 7th Street.