Rice Water an Ancient Asian Secret #Hair #Rinse #Ricewater #DIY

My sister recently told me about using rice water, as a rinse, to give my hair shine, and volume.  Rice water?  Of course, I had to find out more about this rice water rinse.  I found out  that rice water  is an ancient Asian secret.   Well, now that my sister knows about rice water it’s no longer a secret.  🙂   To my surprise you don’t need to buy rice water,  you make it at home.  HA!

Pictures of her new rice water hair was worth a thousand words.

Wow!  Her hair did look good.  It looked longer and thicker.

Her color was nice, too.  OK, I was sold.  Even sold faster when I found out how easy it was to make rice water.    Place a small amount of rice – rice can be as little as a tumbler full – in a bowl and cover with water.  Let this sit overnight.

Once the rice has fermented pour water through a strainer, discard the rice.  As you can see water will be cloudy.  This rice water is what you will use as the rinse in your hair.  You can leave on few minutes then rinse off or leave the rice water in your hair and style as usual.  PS – you can also use rice water on your face.

Click Here to learn how you can use Rice Water.  Of course, my sister had to send me a picture of the back of her hair.  Now she has long hair!  Something she hasn’t been able to have for many years.   Who knew that ‘Long Grain Rice’  can give you ‘Long Great Hair’.

I have started using this rinse and have noticed that my hair is not falling out as much.

Here are some of the pictures she sent me.  She also swears her hair has grown so much.  This was something she was unable to do before she started using the rice water rinse.