The French WorkShop #PhotoFriday #Pastries #Cookies

I recently discovered The French Workshop, which recently opened in Garden City, NY.  The French Workshop offers home made French style pastries.  The French Workshop brings a little French flair to a town on Long Island.

The French WorkShop has a variety of pastries and bread. Like Nutella Bread!

They offer an array of croissants. Hard to pick out just one Croissant.  You can’t just pick one.

The French Workshop’s mouth watering  Mascarpone Eclairs. These eclairs are a diet must.

Let’s talk cake!

I now embrace those famous  words, “Let them eat cake.” Now I go to The French Workshop to do just that.

Oh, let’s not forget them cookies.

The French Workshop is also located on Bell Blvd, Bayside, Queens