The Huddle #Dining #Macaroni

Our day at Sleepy Hollow did not go without a Sleepy Hollow meal.  We started out to have an early dinner at the Bridgeview Tavern.  However, when we arrived at Bridgeview Tavern we were told we would have to wait two hours before being seated.   Oh, no!  We quickly turned our heels around and walked back towards the town to find another eatery.   We ended up finding, The HuddleThe Huddle was quiet.  We walked right in, and, wondered if this was the place we should eat…  

As we reviewed The Huddle menu, we were happy to see they offered pizza.  This made my grandson, who is a picky eater, happy.  However, we quickly found out that The Huddle no longer offered pizza to eat.   SAY WHAT!  Huddle, we have a problem.  I explained to the waitress that my grandson will only eat pizza or macaroni.  Since they don’t offer macaroni, not listed on the menu, we will have to finish our drinks and find another eatery.   The waitress just calmly looked at me, and with a genuine smile, she  said, “Oh, we can make him macaroni.”  Wow!  NICE! It didn’t take them long to prepare the dish.  A plate of macaroni was placed in front of Christian and he began to gobble it down.  The plate was so full of macaroni we thought there was no way he could finish it all.   However, Christian did his little best, he ate, ate, ate it up, but, he did have a little help from Grandpa.

The rest of us ordered a pub staple.  A good old fashion hamburger, with fries.  The fries were addicting and the burger fattening good.
At The Huddle we sat, we ate, and we gathered our energy to continue the night in Sleepy Hollow.  The Huddle made up for their menu blunder, for what they took away they restored.