Sleepy Hollow – Headless Horsemans Hollow at Philipsburg Manor #Halloween #Headless #Haunted

Sleepy Hollow a quaint, quiet, beautiful, and strangely haunting town.  Sleep Hollow Village the town were Ichabod Crane had his infamous encounter with the headless horseman.  The fictional story, written by Washington Irving, called, The  Legend of Sleepy Hollow, aka, The Headless Horseman was the perfect choice to spend a Fall day, in October, and have a Halloween treat.

The grand kids had no idea where they drove up to.  Sleepy Hollow was just another story town.  We all had no clue has to how Hollow would get us in that spooky mood.   We had arrived in Sleepy Hollow  in the light of day, and during the day Sleepy Hollow was a bright green with nothing to fear.  Just a lot of Sleepy Hollow shine.  

But when the moon replaced the sun all the spooky came out.   Ghastly,  ghostly, scary things.  Sleepy Hollow went from sweet to haunted, in a devil’s blink.  Horsemen’s Hollow at Philipsburg Manor  Sleepy Hollow’s PremiumHaunted Attraction did the transforming.

With skulls abound and a headless horseman bridge we poked our way through.  I liked seeing the ghost of  Marie Antoinette, scudding around the town.  Had a little disagreement with my granddaughter, she kept insisting that the this lady could not have been Marie.  Ha!  Guess she didn’t know Marie  lost her head in the French Revolution which would make her appearance, in the headless horseman’s town, fitting.  A face that can scare any skull.

  It was an eating and breathing fire night.  At Sleepy Hollow, no skull is left un-turned. 

A treat- without a trick- is the best way to spend a spooky night with the family.

We had frightening fun with all the ghouls of Sleepy Hollow.

As the night darkened we headed home, thankful we were all intact.   However, we left Sleepy Hollow with stories of screams, and dying laughter.  Guess the family that scares together, stays together.  HA!