PORTALS ~ A Photo Experience by Canon @CanonUSA #CanonPortals

From Thursday, November 8th to Sunday November 18th (weekdays, 3-9pm; Saturday, 12-9pm; Sundays, 12-8pm), Canon will be hosting PORTALS, A Photo Experience from Canon. The 11-day pop-up will be built around photo moments that will transport visitors to an entirely new world by embedding camera tips and tricks into the consumer journey. Made up of five unique photography setups, PORTALS will allow photographers (amateur and experienced) to open up their imaginations while producing exciting – and Instagram-able – photos.  I enjoyed the experience – and got some great shots in the process!! Visit at 107 Grand Street New York City.

Portal Of Reflection ~ to see beyond the surface of a subject that’s right in front of you.

Portal Of Focus ~ Allowing you to play with your foreground and subject to create a unique memory

Portal Of Light ~ Able to pull low-light out of the darkness to create the perfect mysteriously moody and groovy photo.

Portal of New Perspectives ~ Now you can find new perspectives hidden in plain sight.  Up up in the sky!!

Teleportraits Portal ~ (my favorite)  Took me on a carpet ride to a fantastical world!!

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