It’s A Scorpio Birthday ~ Time to Celebrate

We have 4 (count them) four Scorpions in the family. Scorpions are like cream filled chocolate, hard on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside but never underestimate them, Always remember their sting.   That’s my sweetheart Natalie photo bombing the picture (she is a Gemini like me).  With my mom still not feeling like herself yet, we agreed to celebrate at home.

So I slaved all day (only kidding) and made some meatballs, chicken cream sauce , a pork tender loin and boiled up some pasta to keep everyone happy.  My mom got be see everyone in the comfort of home and we all got good and comfortable.

The nice part of the day was knowing that tomorrow was a day off from work and school because today was Veterans Day celebrated on Monday.  So we ate, talked and drank the afternoon away. We all know what the best part of Birthdays is ~ the cake!!  Baskin Robbins was the choice Pizza Cake for the kids and a yummy ice cream Roly Poly for the rest of us, though honestly everyone had a taste of everything. And no celebration is complete with out some Dunkin Donuts. Yeah, that’s how we roll around here.

So to my sister Marianne, my niece Sandra,  my daughter Vera and her husband Bill I wish 12 months of Health ~ 52 weeks of Blessings ~ 365 days of Opportunity ~ 8760 hours of Love ~ 525600 minutes of Peace and 31536000 seconds of Happiness. Happy Birthday Scorpio.