Photo Friday – #Friends #Israel #Touring

I find that making new friends, at my age, is not something I look to do.  However, when people enter into your life, and friendship just naturally blooms, then it’s a BINGO!

My daughter, and I, toured the beautiful State of Israel this past summer, and on the tour we meet two wonderful couples.  Everyday, the six of us became closer and closer.   You could say they  put the cherry on top of our Israeli trip.  As this was our first time trip to Israel, it was easy to share every micro step in the “promised land”.

Together, we learned the good, and the sad, history of the Jewish people.

How blessed we were to have all been on the same tour –  I believe a higher power orchestrated  our meeting – I have no doubt about this.   The more we learned about each other, the more we realized how much we had in common.  My daughter, who is more than 30 years younger, enjoyed every moment of time we spent with them.  Even, Enrico, our tour guide, enjoyed touring his own country with us.    When the trip came to an end – 🙁 – we promised each other to make an effort to stay  in touch, and to meet again, back in the States.  This was easy.  We all lived in the same state, and only 30 miles away from each other.

After a few months, we set a date, and met at Bruno’s Restaurant, in Howard Beach.  Once again, we were all together, enjoying the short time we had.

And when my husband met the couples, for the first time, he understood that everything I told him about our trip was true.  We are set to meet our new friends, Norma, Chickie, Lorraine, and Ted, again.  Can’t wait!