Chick Flick the Musical at The Westside Theatre

Chick Flick the Musical invites you to join Karen, Dawn, Sheila, and Meg as they get together to unwind, watch a chick flick, and play their favorite drinking game. A good friend will help you from losing your mind but a great friend will join you in the craziness!!!

Sharon Brown (Karen), Lindsay Chambers (Sheila), Carla Duren (Meg) and Megan Sikora (Dawn) are amazing and true. As the festivities proceed and the tequila flows, can the power of meet cutes and makeover montages save the day as relationship drama and career crises bubble to the surface? Friends take us by the hand and remind us we are not alone in the journey.

Celebrating the healing power of sisterhood, laughter, and life lessons from the movies we know and love, Chick Flick the Musical is ultimately about life’s greatest love story: friendship. Friends make life better.