Tuscanini Pasta Imported From Italy #Italianeats

Tuscanini a Gourmet Italian Pasta.

Made from 100% Durum Wheat Semolina.

Tuscanini Pasta comes from the famed Italian pasta region and is Certified Kosher. Tuscanini Pasta made in Italy: Ti colored Conchiglie (seashells), Tri colored Fusilli (corkscrews), and Gigli (Ruffled edged cones) Pasta.

Tuscanini Pasta a perfect pasta!

Tuscanini Pasta an upscale pasta!

Tuscanini Pasta boils in 10 minutes.

I love to add this light pasta to my homemade chicken soup.

Yum, Yum, Yum.

Gigli Pasta from Tuscanini helps make a chicken soup dinner hearty and warm.

Add Tuscanini Pasta to any dish and know what it is like to dine in Italy.

Tuscanini Pasta is the Italian Pasta that turns any meal into an “Authentic” Italian dish.