Grateful for a Sunday Lunch with Family

My mom is doing very good despite the mild stroke she had a some years back. She is really amazing, she is back to doing laundry, sweeping and playing the daily number, thanks to my sister who takes her to the deli each week. She cannot cook any more. My mom cannot go out by herself, she does not see very well due to macular degeneration eye disease and because of the stroke she suffers from hallucinations. It’s been a long winter and finally the weather is getting nicer day by day.

I was so happy when my sister suggested lunch on Sunday. We walked to Palermo Restaurant, which is my moms’ favorite. We shared a house salad and grilled octopus to help the wine go down. Delicious and fresh as always. My mom has been talking about veal all week, so she ordered Veal Marsala, I got Shrimp Francese and my sister went for the whole Branzino Fish. Everything was as always delicious.

It was so wonderful to watch my mom enjoy herself and even laugh when my sister spoke to her in Maltese. My sister has a very good way with my mom and I am grateful for that. So much food but we could not resist the Cream Brulee and so we shared one. So creamy and so good. Yes the meal was perfect but seeing my mom smile and hearing her laugh , well that is priceless.