Open 19.5 #Thrusters #Pullups #Chest2bar #CrossfitSanturary

Once again, my daughter dragged me to a CrossfitSantuary WOD Event. However, this time she was WODing it and I was just WATCHing it. Not just watching, I was apart of the cheering crowd. Screaming, “You can do it, yes you can!” The WOD was pretty intense. I thought this WOD is crazy how could these guys, and gals, put themselves through this ordeal – 33 thrusters, followed by, 33 chest 2 bar pullups. Each set of thrusters and pullups will then decrease by 6…

As the willing participants sit quietly listening to how the Open 19.5 will be judged, I watched them closely waiting for some of them to just get up and walk out or just become a spectator, but not a single one stirred or even batted an eye. Not even when they were told that this Open 19.5 needed to be completed within 20 minutes. True warriors!

When they stood over their workout bars just waiting for the clock to sound the buzzer…no one walked.

BUZZER goes off… it begins!!!

I did think that the thruster’s would be the hardest part. Was I wrong!  It was those chest 2 bar pull ups…UGH!

She almost completed the numbers necessary however it became evident that when her palms started to tear open that she was not finishing her numbers.  And as a mother I had to tell her that she needed to stop!  Stop before she ended up with no skin on her hand.

Needless to say I am proud of her accomplishment. She works hard at staying strong. I do too, but I’m just not as competitive as my youngest child is.