Prudential How To Spark The Retirement You Dream Of Event #SheSpeaks


GroovinMoms was invited to the standing room only Prudential “How To Spark The Retirement You Dream Of” event hosted by She Speaks last week. The event was enlightening and full of inspiration and advice for women, what ever age, that want to secure a great retirement.   The answer to protect your retirement is to speak to a financial professional who will show you options for the retirement you are looking for.

It was so wonderful to know the three influencers on the panel my daughter Vera Sweeney, friends Audrey McClellan and Rene Syler along with the wonderful people from Prudential. They shared their struggles (we all have struggles) with money issues and we learned tips from experts about what steps we can take to plan our perfect retirement.  The key is to speak to a financial professional you will help you understand how you can get the retirement you want.

The key topics were Navigating Uncertain Markets, Rising Cost and Longer Life Spans. Planning for tomorrow means understanding the challenges today. Today is very different than yesterday. Knowledge is power and a financial profession has the knowledge to pass on to you while you decide the retirement you need.

It was a wonderful event filled with information and I loved being with my daughter and honestly the view helped keeping me in a positive state of mind. Meet and work with a financial professional to create an income plan that addresses your specific retirement needs. I can do this and so can you.

start now, you can click on this link and sign up for the financial assessment: