NASOYA Organic Vegan Dumplings #Groovineats #dumplings

Organic Vegan Thai Basil Vegetable Dumpling
Organic Vegan Tofu Vegetable Dumplings

*Nasoya’s Organic Vegan Tofu and Thai Basil Vegetable Dumplings are Fresh Asian dumplings made with tofu and assorted vegetables. Satisfying and Delicious!  These dumplings are vegan, fresh, organic, ready-to-cook, great for entertaining and 7g of plant-based protein per serving, and can be served as an appetizer, snack, or meal.

The best way to cook Nasoya Organic Dumplings is to fry them.

These delicious Nasoya Thai Basil Vegetable Dumplings were fried in my favorite cooking oil – Avocado Oil

As the dumplings fry I began frying the onions, then the sausages, (my husband loves sausage)  in a separate frying pan.  After all is partial cooked,  drop the fried dumplings in with the onion and sausages pan.

The last ingredient to meal, one glass of red wine.   Covered and continued cooking at low heat.   Cook till sausages are done.    I also added slices of cooked steak ham (he also  likes ham )  to dish.

Your meal now can be Served!  Yummy”  

You can see how filled Nasoya Organic Vegan Thai Basil Vegetable Dumpling are packet with vegetables.  Nasaoya products can change any meal into a Asian delight.  Next on my Nasoya Dumpling list is serving  Nasoya Organic Tofu Dumplings.

*Nasoya a company that began in 1978 when the company’s founders first made tofu in a transformed barn in Leominster, Massachusetts. Since then, they have introduced millions of Americans to this versatile plant protein and grown to be the country’s #1 brand of tofu. Today Nasoya offers more than 10 different varieties of tofu, including ready-to-serve items like TofuBaked and Toss’ables, pre-marinated and pre-baked to eliminate prep time. Don’t care of tofu? Nasoya also offers a wide variety of authentic and delicious Asian-inspired foods, including Asian-style dumplings, noodle bowls, low-carb noodles, wraps and more.

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