Making All Veterans Smile #Veterans #MAVS #Godhasaplan

Making All Veterans Smile Inc.

Making All Veterans Smile, Inc. a not-for-profit organization that began with a God given vision. This vision was given to fellow Bethel Assembly Of God member, Anthony Andreano. Anthony did not let his vision quietly sink away. He acted immediately by bringing his vision to another Bethel Assembly of God member, Kenny Quigley. And with the strength of two they forged ahead, knowing that God was leading the way. Neither of these men served in the military but that didn’t stop them from helping the men and women who gave their service to all. With a smile, and some prayers, they began their quest, to get the necessary attention to begin God’s plan, for they understood that, “The greatest good we could do is put a smile on a veteran’s face.


Making All Veterans Smile Inc.

My family, who are also members of Bethel Assembly of God and know the two co-founders, were happy to have been invited to attend Making All Veterans Smile fundraiser.

As the color guard came out we all stood up with hand on hearts as we sang the National Anthem.

Our Sophie singing her rendition of the National Anthem. I couldn’t video it because she made me promise not to video her singing, she was so nervous.

All branches of the military were honored. This Marine was just one of them.

The fundraiser was successful. My family were brought to tears and brought to smiles. We were honored to be apart of a group who are trying to make sure that our veterans are not forgotten. And when next year rolls around we will be there, again, showing our veterans that we care, and with God’s help give our veterans our support to help make them smile.

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