Forgiving Is The Right Thing To Do by William McDonald #BookWorm

Author William McDonald tackles the subject of childhood bullying in “Forgiving Is the Right Thing to Do.” This book is the second installment of a series of books involving a trio of young birds.

Forgiving Is the Right Thing to Do” tells the story of Joy, who was being bullied by J J, the mockingbird, whose reputation for bullying was known among all the birds. Joy was feeling sad, and embarrassed to tell her friends about J J”s bulling. Then Hopper stepped in to help Joy with J J. He found out why he felt the need to bully other smaller birds. A new side of J J began to emerge. And he was sorry and wanted forgiveness for all the harm he caused.

“Forgiving Is the Right Thing to Do”, explains to the reader that forgiveness is a sign of love and not of weakness. It’s about compassion, kindness, respect and acceptance. Forgiveness is for you and not for the forgiven. Forgiveness will make you “SMILE

How important is it to forgive our offenders? ‘”Forgiving Is the Right Thing to Do.” A very important quality.

About the author: William McDonald is a writer, business owner and United States Air Force veteran. He is a father of a combined family of five children and grandfather of eight grandchildren.