Keep Your Radishes Fresh #Radish #Crunchy #Radishesaregreat

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Buying fresh radishes for my salad is a must. I like how radishes give a salad a certain crunchy taste that only a radish can give and not to mention that radishes are a very beneficial vegetable to eat. I like them so much I eat the radish like you would eat a grape. OK, not as sweet as a grape. The problem with buying fresh radishes was how do keep them as fresh as possible. Then my sister-in-law told me the trick to keeping radishes fresh longer. It was simple. Just keep them in a glass container covered with cold water.

Yes, as easy as that. Cut off radishes from the leaves, then rinse with cold water. After, removing from the stems, place the radishes in a glass container, and fill container with fresh cold water, just enough to cover radishes. Cover container and place them in the refrigerator.

Every few days you may want to refresh the water. this will keep them lasting even longer.

You will be surprised how long the radishes will stay fresh. I’ve had the radishes now for 3 weeks and they are still crunchy fresh.