Ladies Can You Please Keep It Down

Getting together with childhood friends refreshes the soul and that is why we try to get together as often as possible. After the long winter we decided to met at 5 pm on a Saturday at Street Taco for some drinks and some grub.

We grew up in Murray Hill/Kips Bay in Manhattan and know all the ins and outs and it is always a joy to go back to see the changes. This neighborhood is still pretty amazing. We decided to start off with a pitcher of Tsunami, a frozen mix of House Margarita and Red Sangria swirled together and some chips and salsa.

Sadly two of the ladies Kathy and Marlene were not able to come this time, so we texted them and told them we miss them! Then we got to talking about our families and about the old days and the friends who are still with us and even those who no longer are with us. We remember them all. We laughed and laughed until finally, we got hungry and we ordered some tacos, quesadilla, chopped salad with pork, street corn pops.

The food was excellent and we did order another Tsunami pitcher and even one more, not too sure. Anyway, we were having a wonderful time planning our next meeting hoping that the ladies that could not make it this time, will join us next time. Yes we laughed and laughed, I guess a little too loud because the waitress asked if we wanted coffee and dessert and Ann Marie said no bring us another pitcher. Well…….

The waitress then told us if she brought us another pitcher we would have to keep it down, be quiet. Really? Are we in church or something…it was still daylight….so, we got the check and left. But we did find the humor in the matter because it proves age is just a state of mind and we are not invisible.

We went off to find another place and on the way we passed our favorite Italian Pastry Shop La Delice, and we had to take a picture with the chef! So on we walked until we came to Home Base Bistro and we decided to sit outside because it was still early and a very lovely evening.

We toasted our friendship and laughed at how we were told be pipe down ladies, we did not let it get us down. We were together and having a wonderful time. We had some fun with the water bottle!!

Nothing is better than hanging out with friends and being able to say “Remember When”. The next day I called my daughter and told her what happened and she laughed and said Ma, it’s not as exciting as being chased by cops in a stolen car. Yeah, we have lots of stories about growing up in the old neighborhood and I shared them all with her. Thank You Street Taco for another story we can all share, laugh about and remember together for years to come.