Counter Culture #Clean #NonToxic #Cleaning #Probiotic

Counter Culture Probiotic Cleaning Products have a different view on bacteria/germs.
Really, they do! They belive that “nuking” all bacteria does more harm than good and it is best to clean the way nature has been cleaning for 4 billion years with probiotics.

Counter Culture probiotic cleaning products are powered by millions of good bacteria and the beneficial compounds they produce. This is the ultimate cleaning trifecta: they clean surfaces, eliminate stinky smells, and work to balance the bacteria in your home. All that and with fresh, natural scents, such as: Lemongrass, Geranium and Lavender.

Counter Culture Products are bio-based products like Kombucha for your counter top. In the same way probiotics work in your body, their probiotic microbes can thrive in your environment to maintain a healthy “microbiHOME. ” Counter Culture products will provide the next level of clean to bathrooms, kitchen, playrooms, and more.

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