The Ultimate Burger Cookbook – Plus DIY Condiments, Sides, and Boozy Milkshakes by America’s Test Kitchen

It’s here! “The Ultimate Burger” by America’s Test Kitchen Plus DIY Condiments, Sides, And Boozy Milkshakes all in time for your summer bbq season. This book introduces over the top soon to be favorite burgers. Each burger is created to achieve burger perfection. The ultimate burger will show you how to make the perfect patty plus home made condiments and toppings. You will be able to achieve the classic beef, turkey and veggie burgers…

such as: a Double Decker Drive -thru Burgers, Grilled Blue Cheese Burger With Bacon and Tomato Relish, Donut Shop Burgers…and many more burgers. Also, you will be able to make fresh condiments, sides, and “boozy” milkshakes for your family and guests. Each burger recipe has a nutritional information listed in the back of book.

The Ultimate Burger” holds test kitchen developed recipes with a combination of flavors and textures that harmoniously come together in every bite. Get shopping tips for buying ground beef and other meats to accomplish your ultimate burger. Now whether you want a beef burger or a cauliflower burger, are cooking on a stovetop or the grill with “The Ultimate Burger” you can use the components to try out new ideas.

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