Birthday Brunch At Croxleys’ Ale House

Summertime and the days are rolling by pretty fast so it is important to make time for the special days in our lives. And birthdays are very special in our lives. Birthday Girl Merci opted for brunch at Croxleys’ Ale House this year , a personnel favorite place for us all.

It was a hot Sunday and we so enjoyed the cool fresh Mimosas,Bloody Marys and Screw Drivers (we like to switch it up). Cheers!! Tater Tots and sandwiches made out of French Toast cannot be beat, trust us. 🙂

We never had a pie in a mug and we were glad we tried this one. Make a wish and blow out the candle so we can dig in.

We are so lucky to be together for another birthday, may we always be. And yes it is your birthday Merci, but you are the gift to us. Happy Birthday.