Magnolias Are In Full Bloom!

On a recent trip to the state of Virginia, I had the pleasure of seeing, up close and personal, rows and rows of magnolia trees. The south is most famous for their magnolia trees, which bloom in April- June.

At first I didn’t notice the trees, not until my nose received the sweet aroma of the flowers. I scanned around for the source. There it was! High above us, standing tall and firm, there stood The Magnolia Tree.

How sweet! How calming, was this fragrance. I had to slow down. Taking small sniffs, embracing the calming aroma emanating from the tree.

100 year old magnolia tree. Standing tall – Virginia

It was strange to me that I knew this flower is a magnolia flower. I cannot remember ever seeing a magnolia flower. Yet, I instinctively knew what it was. However, I had no idea that the magnolia flower grew on trees, and the magnolia tree grow so tall, and lustrous. I noticed that the tree’s pedals (which are not really pedals) showed strength, as if they protected this amazing, beautiful flower.

As I gazed upon the flowing tree, temptation fell upon me. Just one flower, only one, pluck off one, and take with me. However, I shook the devil off, and continued walking along the road lined with these majestic trees, just content knowing that in my life time I saw and smelled this God given beautiful tree.

These trees are majestic in their posture, showing their southern pride. Magnolia is the state flower of Louisiana and Mississippi. Are known to have been on earth over 130 million years ago. WOW! Magnolia trees are one of the most magnificent of the fragrant flowers. The flower an ornamental flower. This explains the sudden urge to pluck one off and display in my hair.

Yes, the Magnolia’s are in full bloom!