Bird’s Eye View: The Natural World by John Farndon #Bookworm #Read #Fly

Bird’s Eye View: The Natural World is a book that will let you see the world as never before. You will fly high, perched in a hot air balloon, viewing the world through the eyes of a bird.

In The Natural World, see the Himalayas, the world’s highest mountains. Soar to the Arctic. Glide through the pacific islands called Atolls…before gliding back down to Earth. Bird’s Eye View The Natural World provides – details to keep reader engaged – a spectacular, absorbing and panoramic illustrations (by Paul Boston). You will journey to the world’s most beautiful places all from the comfort of your nest.

Author John Farndon is an internationally renowned author of exciting and accessible science books for children and adults. His books have been shortlisted for numerous awards and have sold millions of copies worldwide.