The Cocktail Companion by Cheryl Charming

But First Cocktails! The Cocktail Companion by Cheryl Charming  is a collection of all things cocktail. Cheryl has culled together well-known bartenders from around the country who offer up advice on everything cocktail related. The Cocktail Companion starts with a walk-through of the cocktail’s curious history―from its roots in beer-swilling 18th-century England through the illicit speakeasy culture of United States Prohibition to the explosive, dynamic industry it is today. Learn about famous cocktails from around the globe, how ice became one of the most important ingredients in mixed drink making, and how craft beers got so big. Cheryl then dives into the recipes. She teaches how to make classic cocktails along with their variations and accompanied with tips to make your drinks perfect. From the importance of finding artisanal bitters to creating perfect cubes of ice that will help create intriguing, balanced cocktails, The Cocktail Companion is a wealth of knowledge from every corner of cocktail culture.View this book on Amazon! There is always time for a good cocktail