Birthdays and Beach Fun

I have two grandchildren who have summer birthdays Natalie and Liam. It just happened this year that two of the grandchildren moved on up in school. Caleb is going into First Grade and Natalie will be starting High School in September. So, my daughter decided to throw a combo party of all of it. Love when the family has a chance to get together and my mom is always ready for a party 🙂

The best part of any celebration is dessert time. The ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins was so good and those donuts from Glenn Wayne Bakery, I mean just look at them, we cut them in half so we could all get a taste. Tucker Boy had a blast in the back yard playing with the kids, stopping only for a drink of cool water.

I stayed the night and the next day we headed to Tobay Beach Park “Malibu Beach Club” for the day. The kids had a wonderful time playing with the waves in the water and out. Birthdays, Graduations, winter, summer, what ever the reason celebrate the times of your life when you get the chance.

Ended the day with dinner at the Fisherman’s Catch ~ a table for 14. The kids had Shirley Temples and started with a gigantic pretzel I mean really big and oh so good. My daughter always goes for the chicken served here with fried ravioli and I tried the Shrimp and Grits. Dinner with a view and no doggy bags this time.