Love is Dinner and A Movie

Life is going by pretty fast and going by faster everyday. So when dinner and a movie came up we knew it was something to take advantage of. Getting together with life long friends to break bread and catch up on all the news. That’s a win. Applebee’s Bayside was the perfect place to meet , it was in the middle so we could all get there without a problem. Toasted to us!! Friendship, love and health with Iced Tea and Sangria!! We all agreed on the spinach and artichoke dip to get things going.

Steak, shrimp, chicken we went for it all and we did not forget the fries. The best part about good friends is they let you pick from their plate, we did a lot of tasting. Yum!!! The silly question of the night was do you want dessert? You kidding…….Southern Apple Fritter and Blue Ribbon Brownie and 5 spoons. Life is sweeter when it’s shared with friends.

What movie you ask? YESTERDAY because well we know all the songs!! This movie is so adorable and yes the music is fantastic. The Beatles!!! so versatile and talented and unique ….. truly, the best band in the world. What we did not expect was tears. yes we cried because…well you have to go see for yourself. They were happy tears that reminded us of the unique and special friendship we are blessed to share.

Any day spent with a friends is a favorite day.